Product Timeline


OL Track

Real-Time Vehicle and Asset Management

Research on Microwave based Moisture Content Detection System

A novel method of Non-destructive real-time monitoring of moisture content in tea leaves which is very much needed in the tea manufacturing and processing industry.



Plastic recycling plants and mobile recycling units

Plastic Recycling Plant

Autonomous Drones

Customized Autonomous Drones

Industrial Automation

Built various Industrial Automation tools


Hybrid Power Plants

Designed ,developed & commissioned a 1KW hybrid (wind + solar) power plant at Christ University, Bangalore

Vending Machines & Incinerators

Designed, developed and manufactured Vending machines and destroyers that dispense/destroy sanitary napkins

closed loop power generators

Designed and developed closed loop power generators


LED controllers

Developed and launched our 1st product -LED controller (Bluetooth/WiFi)

LED suits, Lenovo

Designed and developed Led suits that were used for product launches by Lenovo in Goa


Web & App Development and Testing, HYETIS

Testing and development of apps and website for Hyetis- A Geneva based smart watch manufacturing company

Fire briquettes

Developed Fire briquettes using waste materials

E.L. / LED Testing

Developed and tested E.L / LED based products such as EL panels ,wires , LED shoe lace etc.

under chassis bomb detection robot

Designed and developed under chassis bomb detection robot for the Indian army(Wellington Army base,Ooty)


LED Suits, Himalaya

Designed and developed Led suits that were used for product launch of Himalaya in 12 states across India