A Multi-field Research, Product Development & Services based lab started by Shamanth S in the year 2011, primarily focused on R&D and Product development. It was then converted into an official company in the month of March, 2013.

Adhering to our motto: "Thinking out of the Box", we now extend our realms of Expertise to the following fields:


Idea Incubation

Great ideas can come from anywhere, we believe in helping you achieve your dreams. We'll help you scale your idea from one user to millions.


Application Based Research

Research is hard, especially if it invloves hardware. Over the year's we've built numerous products which were direct results of our research efforts.


Prototype & Product Development

Have you ever had a killer idea but lacked the skills needed to fully realise it? Just leave it to us, we will protopye your idea for you to test in the real world, it's viability and finally help you turn it into a product.


Business Consultancy

Extensive experience working with various companies to solve their problems

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Meet The A Team

Shamanth S

Founder & CEO

Email: sham@osckilabs.com

Shamanth Sclose

A silent die-hard electronic enthusiast! He started Oscki Labs back in 2011 on the terrace of his home. Since then he has been actively working on various multi-field research, prototyping & product developments that have made its mark in the market, industries and research institutions.

He has a B.Tech degree from Christ University in Electronics and Communication and an M.Tech degree from Vellore Institute of Technology in Sensors System Technology.

His main research areas not only focus on electronics but also diverge into various fields of engineering. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise by teaching students from fundamentals to advanced topics with real-time examples, latest tech and the products developed by him as examples. He along with his likeminded team of dedicated & energetic individuals are striving to create an open source learning environment for all the students.

His decision making and immense knowledge on sensors and application-based research has been very crucial for the success of Oscki Labs.

Sherin Babu

Business Associate & GM-Products

Email: sherinbabugt@gmail.com

Sherin Babuclose

An extreme automobile enthusiast, with updates on every new car in the market. He has been working along with Shamanth since 2012 on developing various products that has seen its presence in the market.

He has a bachelor's degree in Automobile Engineering from SVCE, Chennai and a Master's in Business Administration from ABBS, Bengaluru.

Being the oldest member of the Oscki family, his experience in the field of automotive research and mechanical design has been back bone for all the Product designing carried out at Oscki Labs.

Karthik M

Design Engineer

Email: karthikm1297@gmail.com

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